High-voltage techniques

Our expertise includes high-voltage measurements of high currents and voltages. Resources in the high-voltage field cover DC and mains frequency, as well as measurements of different waveforms, peak values and high voltage pulses.
Laboratory measurements

Our high-voltage measurement resources include equipment for calibration of both voltage and current transformers at all line voltages in Sweden. Work is carried out in a number of specially designed laboratories, including a high-voltage laboratory. Traceability in the electric power field extends back to the fundamental electrical units. In addition, we are very active in the international cooperation, such as through participation in international comparison measurements at the highest level.

Measurements in the field

Measurement equipment for high currents and voltages is often both large and heavy. Because of this we have developed world-unique expertise and resources for field measurements, at customer’s premises or in high-voltage installations such as switchyards etc.

Verification of measuring systems for electric energy

On-site calibrations of voltage transformers have been performed on a regular basis since 1989 on the Swedish national grid. The calibrations have now been extended to include also the energy meters and to result in a status report on the accuracy of the energy measuring system in substations. Such measurements and verifications form an important part in achieving confidence in and correctness of measurements on the deregulated electric energy market.

Applied research and development

Out objective is to be able to perform traceable measurements under the conditions encountered in existing electric power grids. We have unique resources to perform correct measurements under non-sinusoidal conditions, to measure AC peak value as well as impulse voltages both on-site and in our lab. Our R&D work has since many years been concentrated on methods to perform high voltage measurements on-site, so that we today in many areas possess unique resources, knowledge and competence on a world-wide arena.

Lightning impulse parameters according to the new IEC 60060-1 edition – ON LINE!

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Calibration - Power and Energy

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