In-house calibrations in Borås

AC voltage

Generation up to 350 kV, 50 Hz
Voltage measurement for both peak responding, rms responding and average responding measuring systems
Generation of arbitrary waveform up to 80 kV
Analysis of frequency response
Measurement of ac voltage from generators up to 350 kV, 0.1 Hz to 300 Hz
Calibration of voltage transformers up to 500 kV system voltage

DC voltage

Generation up to 1200 kV
Voltage measurement up to 1200 kV (1000 kV with full accuracy)

Impulse voltage

Generation of lightning impulse (1.2/50 µs) up to 1.8 MV
Generation of switching impulse (250/2500 µs) up to 1.3 MV
Calibration of lightning impulse reference measuring systems up to 800 kV
Calibration of switching impulse reference measuring systems up to 280 kV

Partial discharge calibration

Calibration of partial discharge calibrators

High voltage capacitance

Calibration of high voltage capacitance at power frequency (limited to 1 A capacitive current)

AC current

Power frequency AC current measuring systems up to 4200 A
Current transformer ratio error and phase displacement up to 7500:5 A
Current transformer burdens

DC current

DC current measuring systems up to 6000 A
Current transformers for DC up to 6000 A

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