Test and certification of electrical energy meters

We offer test and certification of electricity meters in accordance with Swedish, European and International standards.

From October 30, 2006 common rules applies in European Union for electricity meters for domestic, business and light industry through the measurement instruments directive (MID). RISE is a notified body for MID and is authorized to issue EU approvals. All our testing facilities for these approvals are accredited by SWEDAC, the official accreditation body in Sweden.

Our MID approvals are automatically valid in the entire EU. Also for meter applications that are not regulated by MID a manufacturer can benefit greatly from a test certificate issued by a well known third party test house such as RISE, verifying that the meter type is in conformity to the relevant standards. Such test certificates will minimise questions and objections when introducing new meter types.

Accredited testing

We perform accredited tests for the following standards:

  • European and Swedish standards for  MID: SS EN 50470-1, SS EN 50470-3
  • European and Swedish standards outside the MID scope: (SS) EN 62052-11
    (SS) EN 62053-21/22/23, (SS) EN 62052-21, (SS) EN 62054-21
  • International standards: IEC 62052-11, IEC 62053-21/22/23,
    IEC 62052-21, IEC 62054-21

We can also perform some additional test that goes beyond the above standards and which may be requested by customers:

  • SP-method 1618, additional test for increased impulse withstand, at 12kV.
  • SP-method 2081, test of software functionality.
  • Increased magnetic field withstand in accordance with test described by Swedenergy dated 2005-11-14.

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