Calibration of antennas

Biconic antennaCalibration is an important tool for ensuring quality and determining uncertainty in final measurements. The basis of this process consists of continuous calibration of the antennas.
We calibrate several types of antenna

We offer calibration of numerous types of antenna, including monopole, dipole, biconical, log periodic, spiral, horn and hybrid antennas.

Antennas used for accredited testing for certification of CE and E marks must be calibrated with reference to a national standard. RISE is Sweden's National Metrology Centre for antenna gain and antenna factors (AF).

Calibration methods

We calculate antenna gain and the antenna factor for free space between 30 MHz and 18 GHz.
Within the interval 30 MHz–1 GHz the antenna is calibrated using the three-antenna method according to ANSI C63.5 at our open area test site, “Maxwell”. The ground area measures 26 x 31 metres and has an outer surface of stainless steel netting with 7 mm loops.


Maxwell - open area test site


Within the interval 0.3–18 GHz we calibrate antenna gain and the antenna factor in our anechoic chamber, “Hertz”, with high-performance absorbent surfaces. This means that Hertz allows a separation between the standard and the antenna of 3 metres. We calibrate according to a gain transfer method with  standard gain horns as a reference.



Different types of antenna measurement

We carry out a number of different kinds of antenna measurement, including:

  • 1 metre antenna gain according to ARP 958
  • Reflection measurement
  • Radiation diagrams
  • Antenna impedance
  • Antenna efficiency
  • Polarisation 
  • Diversity

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3-patch antenna

Research in communications technology and EMC (electromagnetic compatibility)

RISE has long experience of research in electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and carries out advanced research and development within communications technology. This research is carried out in the context of our competence in simulation methods and measurement technology.Read more...

Development of advanced antennas

RISE develops advanced antennas and antenna systems for complex environments. Read more...
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