Communication systems

Our expertise in communication systems takes in both wired and wireless systems, from antenna or bus wire to application. Working areas include communication systems of the future, using intelligent antenna systems, which require new methods for design and characterisation.

Highly specialised and sophisticated resources for radio technology measurements, in combination with our experience of network protocols, mean that we cover entire system designs and arrangements. 

Measurement resources

Our physical measurement resources are extensive, covering testing of both entire radio systems and antennas, as well as specific measurements and tests for research and development applications.  We can measure antenna diagrams up to 90 GHz, while in areas for which there are no measurement methods, such as for MIMO antennas, we are at the forefront of research into new methods. 

Satellite navigation

One of our speciality working and knowledge areas is that of GNSS - global satellite navigation systems.  Examples include GPS, which is used for positioning and navigation, in addition to being an important component in high-precision time measurement.  

Development of GNSS

SP is also working continuously with the development of algorithms and methods for improved performance and usability of existing systems such as GPS. Read more...

Testing radio communication-

SP can provide accredited testing of both analogue and digital radio equipment.Read more...

Calibration of antennas

We calibrate E-field probes and antennas, and help industry to solve measurement problems.Read more...
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