Microwave technology

SP's microwave expertise covers a wide area. Within SP, the main application areas are communication systems, EMC and commissioned work for companies, while applied research is carried out in conjunction with Chalmers University of Technology.
Measurements and calibration

We have extensive physical measurement resources, performing calibration at the highest levels, as well as making extremely accurate measurements.  Development of probes for non-contact measurements on circuit boards and substrates is an important area of research, using calculation methods for electromagnetic simulation and for data analysis. 

Microwaves in process industries

Microwaves are used in various industries for heating.  SIK works with SP on development of equipment and processes.  One important area is that of the foodstuffs industry, where microwaves find application not only for heating and thawing, but also for quality control, which means that measurement and understanding of the electromagnetic properties of materials are important. 

Special calculation programs have had to be developed, as commercial codes cannot manage the changes that occur in the properties of materials in connection with phase change from solid to liquid. 

Calibration of antennas

We calibrate E-field probes and antennas, and help industry to solve measurement problems.Read more...

Calibration of guided microwave quantities

Vi kalibrerar de fundamentala mikrovågsstorheterna effekt, impedans, reflektionsfaktor, dämpning, S-parametrar, effektiv källreflektionsfaktor och frekvens. Read more...

Development of advanced antennas

SP develops advanced antennas and antenna systems for complex environments. Read more...
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