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SP has Sweden's most comprehensive resources on a single site for testing and evaluating the safety of electrical and electronic products. In addition, we are specialists in a number of product areas, in which we can test and evaluate both safety and function.
Electrical safety

All electrical equipment must be safe to use, providing the necessary protection for professional users, private persons and property alike. SP is an accredited laboratory for testing of electrical safety in a wide range of product areas:  we can provide CB certification for access to a number of markets outside Europe as well as MET-certification for USA/Canada. We have expert competence within electrical safety for electric/hybrid vehicles where we participate in R&D projects, carry out investigations and provide training and advisory services. We also carry out failure investigations and quick turnround, limited scope examinations in the field of electrical safety.

Explosion protection

Both electrical and non electrical equipment in explosive environment must be designed with special protection. SP performs risk assessment, design reviews and type approval according to ATEX- and IECEx-requirements. SP is a Notified Body for the ATEX-directive as well as a Certification Body according to IECEx. We have expert competence in the field of safety of new fuels where we participate in R&D projects, carry out investigations and provide training as well as advisory services.

Product evaluation 

SP provides a range of services in ESD protection, such as testing and approval to international standards, as well as training, assessment inspections and advisory services. We also inspect and examine a number of products that have special requirements, such as taximeters in accordance with the Measuring Instruments Directive (MID).  We can evaluate safety and performance characteristics of battery systems for example in electric and hybrid vehicles as well as various performance characteristics of motors and generators. 

Testing alarm systems

We offer testing and certification for the European market of intruder and fire alarm systems. We have a long experience and extensive knowledge of the standards of today and what is going on in standardization.Read more...

Electrical safety

We can provide effective assistance in testing electrical safety.

Explosion Protection

SP offers accredited testing and certification of Ex-equipment.

New fuels

New fuels in vehicles might also involve new risks. SP offers both evaluation of such risks and how to eliminate these.Read more...

Hybrid vehicles

Emissions from road traffic must be reduced, and one way of doing this is through the use of electric drive systems. We are seeing an increased demand for electric vehicles, as well as for hybrid vehicles that combine electric drive with some other form of energy supply. Read more...

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