Emission from materials

Volatile compounds may affect the indoor air quality. Building materials can be considered as one of the major emission sources for formaldehyde and VOC's.

Emission factors can be measured in our laboratory as well as on site in buildings by using the FLEC (Field and Laboratory Emission Cell) equipment. We have also several emission chambers, 1 m3 and 17 m3, at the laboratory.

Examples of studied materials are:

  • adhesives
  • concrete
  • flooring materials
  • insulation material
  • paints
  • self-leveling compounds (floor screed)
  • wallpapers
  • wood-based panel
  • joint sealants - PCB

We can determine either emission factors for specific compounds (e.g. formaldehyde) or for a series of compounds (e.g. VOCs, aldehydes). In several cases trade standards or Nordtest methods are applied to the measurements. Material emission measurements on site in buildings are also performed.

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