Emission chambers for sampling of VOC

Sampling of volatile organic compounds (VOC) and formaldehyde from building materials and interiors requires a chamber which has a low background value i.e. the chamber must be clean and should not contain any details which can influence the measurement. Further, the chamber must have a constant climate. This implies that temperature, humidity, air exchange and also air velocity over the sample must be kept constant.

1 cubic meter chamber
SP has developed a 1m³-chamber which is mobile and insulated so it can be used in any room with a typical ambient temperature of 18-24°C.

The chamber is constructed from stainless steel with an inner enclosure which is bright annealed, and free from obstructive air-duct systems. This helps to ensure that the enclosure may be cleaned both easily and thoroughly.

Temperature, humidity and air exchange in the chamber, as
well as the sampling flow and sampling time, can be easily
programmed via the control panel. These parameters are
also stored during the testing period. Historic data can be
displayed on the panel or it can be transferred to a suitable
data processing program.

Easy installation
Installation is simple since the chamber only needs a grounded
socket-outlet 230 V AC, 10A, dried compressed air
supply free from oil and pure (distilled) water (5 litre).

Fulfill requirements for testing according to international methods and standards
SP takes an active part in national and international round
robin studies with other institutes and laboratories and the
chamber is demonstrated to fulfill requirements for testing
of VOC according to methods detailed in ISO 16000-9 and
formaldehyde by method EN 717-1, ISO 12460-1, JIS A 1901
or ASTM D 6007-02.


30 L Emission chambers
SP can also offer smaller emission chambers like these 30
Liter stainless steel cans, with air inlet at the bottom and
outlet and a mixing fan in the top lid.


For more information, please find Emission Chamber data sheet under Related Information.

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