Energy Distribution

RISE possesses wide technical expertise and experimental facilities in several working areas, such as piping, electrical measurements, district heating hardware, heat exchangers and energy meters. Our multi-disciplinary activities include not only R&D and technical evaluation, but also arm's-length certification of products.

We are involved in several areas associated with energy distribution.  Examples include district heating, district cooling, distribution of electricity, gas, distribution of motor fuels and other piped energy distributions systems. 

RISE is also involved in research and evaluation of the function of components and cables when exposed to fire, to environmental influences or to particular situations in tunnels or subterranean installations.  We develop and apply all forms of measurements associated with energy production or distribution, such as high-temperature flow measurements for the international nuclear power industry. 

Electrical power technology

RISE work covers a broad spectrum of applications in electrical power technology and distribution, such as electricity quality and verification of electrical energy metering systems.  R&D has been concentrated for many years on measurements in high-voltage systems, with the result that we today possess resources and knowledge that are in many respects unique in the world. 

Distribution of district heating and district cooling

RISE works closely with the Swedish District Heating Association on certification of components and piping systems for district heating and district cooling applications. 

Fire protection of components and cables

Fires in service tunnels have clearly shown the vulnerability of energy distribution systems to fire.  Fire detection and fire extinguishing in underground installations is an area in which RISE can provide assistance in the design of fire protection systems and features.  The safety and continued function of cables and electrical systems in a fire are critical areas, as are resistance to other forms of environmental effects, such as corrosion and vibration. 

Cable fire testing and research

Fire properties of cables are of great importance in a fire safety perspective. Read more...

Calibration - Power and Energy

We offer calibration of power and energy instruments to assure their metrological status.Read more...

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