Energy recycling

Extraction of the energy, which is chemically locked in polymer materials (plastic, rubber, paper, etc.) by means of combustion , is an important recycling alternative. The energy value of most polymers is of the same order as that of oil.
Energy value

The energy value of most polymers is of the same order as that of oil. Even though mechanical recycling is also preferable, there is a limit as to how many times a material can be recycled, as each lifecycle with reprocessing and use involves some contamination and decomposition of the material.

Energy recycling

As a final step, there is always energy recovery as a possibility. Packaging which is appropriate for recycling in the form of energy recovery shall be combustible and give an energy surplus. It can be determined, for example, in accordance with the EN 13431 standard.

Energy surplus and available energy at a specified temperature and
oxygen content of the combustion gas.
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