Environmental durability

RISE offers a wide spectrum of services within the environmental durability field. Our services cover the complete development process and guides the client towards a product with the correct durability.

The environmental durability field involves many types of products and is to some extent present throughout the development process. This implies that development and assessment will be present in many shapes.

Generic standards and test methods must be taylored to fit the requirements and design of the product and its final operational profile. Development cost, product cost, performance and durability shall be optimized and controlled.

RISE will with its broad competence and long experience support the client during all phases of the development process and in any technology context. 

Corrosion testing

We assess the corrosion resistance ability of products.


Bresle kit and Breslepatch is possible to purchase from SP or from our retailers around the world!Read more...

Atmospheric corosivity

By exposing copper and/or silver coupons, the atmospheric corrosivity of a specific environment can be assessed. Read more...

Artificial weathering

How does your product react to UV, rain, high and low temperature, humidity and pollution?Read more...

Large-scale solar and climate simulation - environmental testing

It is increasingly important that all types of end products should be able to survive the extremes of climates and conditions anywhere in the world.Read more...

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Corrosion testing

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