Environmental noise

Our main activity is the development of new and better prediction methods. By routine, we also carry out measurements and calculations of traffic noise and industrial noise, insertion loss of traffic noise barriers and sound insulation of facades.

It is estimated that over two million swedes are exposed to traffic-noise levels over the standard value 55 dB A-weighted equivalent level outside ones house (information from 1998).

Environment noise comes from road, train and airtraffic, industries, restaurants, discotheques, Music and sports events, parkinglots etcetera. What the noise level measures at the recipient depends on numerous factors, i.a.:

  • The streght of the noise source
  • distance between recipient av the source of sound
  • The look of the terrain
  • The property of the ground
  • Adjacent Buildings
  • Weather conditions


Measurement Tools

We use i.a. the programme SoundPLAN which is a powerful software package för calculations of trafic noise, noise from industies etc. The calculations are based on terrainmodules, trafic data and/or measure data in accordance with the Nordic calculation models. The noise levels can be calculated for a large ammount of spots and for example be displayed graphically as noise profiles.

SoundPLAN also has calculation modules for air pollution. Through our cooperation with IVL Swedish Environment Institute we able to offer a complete analisys of the situation regarding noise and air pollution.


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Sound and vibration

The acoustics department carry out assignments for enterprises, authorities and research councils. We test, plan, investigate, calculate, research and help to solve problems in connection with product development.Read more...

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