Explosion Protection

Electrical and mechanical equipment as well as components intended to be used in potentially explosive atmospheres within EU have to fulfil the ATEX-directive. The IECEx Scheme is a voluntary certification system which facilitates global trade with explosion protected electrical equipment.

SP is a Notified Body according to the ATEX-directive and an Ex Certification Body according to the IECEx Scheme with a wide range of services. SP offers accredited testing and certification of Ex-equipment for use in hazardous areas with risk of explosion caused by flammable gas, vapour or dust.

Our services
  • Type examination and risk analysis according to the ATEX-directive 94/9/EC for the European market.
  • Testing according to the IECEx "Scheme" for the global market
  • ATEX and IECEx certification
  • Expert consultation concerning requirements etc.
  • Pre-testing and voluntary testing
  • Advisory service, training, courses
  • Assessment of risks, zones, etc. for plants
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