Fatigue test of materials and structures

Fatigue, of materials and structures, is the main cause of failures and accidents today. SP has long and substantial experience of fatigue testing of various structures, designs, products and materials.

When the fatigue properties of materials or structures are to be investigated, we provide the full spectrum of trials planning, testing and evaluation of the results. We can, for example, produce Whöler curves, determine fatigue limits or determine fatigue thresholds.

Tests can be performed as constant or variable amplitude excitation (spectrum fatigue). We can simulate matched load spectra when performing varible-amplitue testing.

Test can be performed with controlled loads, which is generally the procedure used for fatigue testing, or with controlled strain/displacement, which is used, for example, for low cycle fatigue testing (LCF).  Resonance test machines are particularly suitable for testing materials that are not frequency-dependent, to determine their fatigue limits under constant-amplitude excitation. 



For our disposal we have a lot of different servo-hydraulic machines och cylinders with modern control equipment. We have possibilities to make tensile test, pressure test and rotating fatigue, both uniaxial or multiaxial.


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