Electricity – Calibration in the field

RISE field calibration service calibrates multimeters, clip-on ammeters and all types of instruments for measuring electrical quantities.

Our mobile calibration equipment enables us to provide calibration services at customers’ premises.  On the other hand, if you have only a small number of items to be calibrated, we can naturally deal with them in our laboratory in Borås. 

The main types of electrical instruments that we calibrate are multimeters, voltmeters, tachometers, clip-on ammeters, frequency counters, ammeters and universal instruments.

Our field calibration services are accredited for calibrations in the areas as shown in the table: 
 AC voltage  0,000 mV-1050,00 V (10 Hz -100 kHz)
 DC voltage  0,000 mV - 1050,00 V
 AC current  0,000 µA - 1000,00A (10 Hz -30 kHz)
 DC current  0,000 µA - 1000,00 A
 Resistance  0,0000 ohm - 400,000 Mohm
 Frequency  0,5 Hz - 10 MHz
 Capacitance  0,5000 nF - 40,000 mF
 Conduntance  2,5 nS - 2,5 mS
 Pulse ratio  100 µS - 2000 mS
 Tachometer  30 rpm - 100 000 rpm


Reliable measurement results can be assured by regular calibration of your measuring instruments by us. Read more...

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