SP carries out fire technical evaluations of materials, products, structures, fire-fighting systems used in buildings, in vehicles, for shipping, in furniture etc., Our research and development activities are extensive. We work closely with industry, other research institutes and universities.

Evaluations can be based on reduced-scale fire tests, full-scale fire tests or advanced calculations.  The results are used for CE-marking, type approvals, certification and fire technical documentation, in Sweden and in other countries.

We perform calculations of the development of fires and spread of fire gases, together with the temperatures that will be encountered in structures under fire conditions.  The results of our forensic investigations of fires are used by public authorities and insurance companies, while industry often applies the results of our research for their product development.

Service areas (click the links on the left)
  • Structures and systems
  • Materials and products
  • Extinguishing systems and methods
  • Investigations and calculations
  • Certification, regulations and standards

SP has one of Europe's largest fire test facilities.  We are closely involved in fire and associated research work in the EU, as well as in international standardisation work. 

Fire tests at SP

Data sheets and descriptions of reaction-to-fire tests on materials

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Fire dynamics
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