Fire safe use of wood in buildings

Our research aims at promoting the use of wood as a predictable and fire safe building material at home and on export markets.


We are active in building fire design, from ignition of materials to load bearing capacity of structures. Both active and passive fire protection are included. Our skills also include fire safety design, material properties, risk assessment, residential sprinklers, fire retardant wood products, international standardisation and national fire regulations. Our experience from research projects and contracts has resulted in recognition and networks worldwide.



The latest result for a wider audience is the first ever European handbook on fire retardant wood construction, "Fire safety in timber buildings – Technical Guideline for Europe", that was produced in a European project coordinated by us.

Ongoing major projects coordinated us.
  • FireInTimber – Fire resistance of innovative timber structures. European project within the WoodWisdom-Net research programme. 14 partners in 9 countries.
  • Fire safe timber buildings 3 (Brandsäkra trähus 3). Project within NICe, Nordic Innovation Center. 15 partners in 7 Nordic and Baltic countries. A new handbook is planed to be published in 2012.
  • Fire design of timber structures (Brandteknisk dimensionering av träkonstruktioner). Swedish project within the Vinnova research programme for the wood sector.
  • Fire safety design with sprinklers. Nordic project with about ten partners in five Nordic countries. Verification methods and INSTA standard are included.
  • Fire retardant wood products, with focus on the long term durability of the fire properties. Activities include a new European specification (CEN/TS 15 912) and a Nordic stakeholder association Nordic Fire Protected Wood (Nordiskt Brandskyddat Trä – NBT).
Services we offer
  • Design of load capacity and separating performance at fire exposure.
  • Problem solving and advice.
  • Support for product development of materials and structures incl fire testing in model scale.

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Fire safety in timber buildings – Technical guideline for Europe

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