Fire resistance of construction products

When testing the fire resistance of a product or a structure, it is its properties when exposed to a specified temperature, normally equivalent to a fire in a room, that are determined. Fire resistance is the result of one or a number of properties of the assembled/combined structure or product, and therefore not a property of the materials themselves. The structure can then be classified into the appropriate fire resistance class.

Testing the fire resistance of structures can be divided into testing of the actual structure, and testing the contribution to the fire resistance of different protections.

Fire resistance testing can be performed for many different structures, such as walls and glazed structures, floor/ceiling structures and roofs, beams, pillars, doors, ceiling claddings, ducts, cable penetrations and fire dampers.  Test can be performed with both vertical and horizontal exposure.

Test of the contribution to fire resistance is generally made for load bearing structures and the tests are divided depending to material to be protected, i.e. steel, timber and concrete structures.

Fire Resistance testing

What is fire resistance?

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