Fire Safety – Storage Cabinets

Different types of storage cabinets

Storage cabinets are often incorrectly referred to as safes, but there are actually several different types of storage cabinets including: safes, document cabinets and data media cabinets.


A safe is a storage cabinet that has been tested against attack and is used for the storage of cash and other valuable items. Its Protection Class determines the maximum insurable value of its contents. A safe can also have a Fire Rating, in which case it is often referred to as “fire safe” or “fire resistant safe”. Both fire safety and burglary protection are tested at SP. 

Document cabinets

The prime purpose of a document cabinet is to protect paper against fire. It does not have any rating in terms of its protection against attack, although it does provide some protection against access.

Filing cabinets

A filing cabinet is simply a document cabinet equipped with drawers. It should not be confused with a document cabinet as described above or a safe.

Data media cabinets

A data media cabinet provides fire protection for computer media such as diskettes and CD ROMs. It provides better protection against heat than other types of cabinets.

Fire safety storage cabinets for inflammable goods and gas cylinders
Fire Safety Storage Cabinets are safety storage cabinets that provide protection of flammable goods and pressurised gas cylinders.

Storage rooms for inflammable goods

These are specially designed storage rooms that are designed as entirely isolated rooms, composed of  fire separating materials in a fire resistance class, in accordance with EN 13501-2, for example EI 30, EI 60 and EI 90. Each separating element is tested separately. Be aware of that storage cabinets cannot be classified with a fire resistance class in accordance with EN 13501-2. This is only possible for storage rooms. 


SP can carry out fire testing in accordance with several standards. Here are the most common:


NT FIRE 017, edition 3
Document cabinets, filing cabinets, data cabinets and diskette cabinets
EN 15659, edition 1 Secure storage units – Classification and methods of test for resistance to fire – Light fire storage units
EN 1047-1, edition 2 Secure storage units – Classification and methods of test for resistance to fire – Part 1: Data cabinets and diskette inserts
UL 72, edition 15 Tests for Fire Resistance of Record Protection Equipment
SP Method 1716, edition 2 Testing of fire resistance of data media inserts
SP Method 2369 Protection systems for storage of inflammable goods in retail Environments
SS-EN 14470-1
Fire safety storage cabinets – Part 1: Safety storage cabinets for flammable liquids
SS-EN 14470-2
Fire safety storage cabinets – Part 1: Safety cabinets for pressurised gas cylinders



Based on tests in accordance with NT FIRE 017 and SP Method 1716 SP, it is possible to issue P-mark certificates. The P-mark is a widely recognized and cost effective way to demonstrate high quality performance of storage cabinets. A variety of classification times and levels are available depending on the needs of the clients. The cabinets are divided into nine fire resistance classes:



Fire resistance classification

Maximum per permissible temperature rise inside the cabinet (º)

 Paper NT FIRE 017 - 60 Paper
NT FIRE 017 - 90 Paper
NT FIRE 017 - 120 Paper


 Data NT FIRE 017 - 60 Data
NT FIRE 017 - 90 Data
NT FIRE 017 - 120 Data


 Diskette NT FIRE 017 - 60 Diskette
NT FIRE 017 - 90 Diskette
NT FIRE 017 - 120 Diskette


The test data may be applied to other filing cabinets, data cabinets or diskette cabinets of identical construction provided that the external volume is not less than half of and not more than twice the volume of the tested cabinet. 

The following steps have to be concluded to achieve a P-mark certificate:

• Fire test according to NT FIRE 017 or SP Method 1716
• Application of P-mark certificate at SP Certification Department
• Initial inspection of manufacturing premises
• Agreement concerning continuous manufacturing inspection would have to be established and signed between the manufacturer and the inspection body
• Compliance with SP Certification rules 002.

Please visit our list of issued certificates here   

ESSA certification

SP is a recognized testing laboratory by ESSA.- European Security Systems Association. ECB•S is the brand of ESSA.

Based on tests in accordance with EN 1047-1 and EN 15659 carried out at SP, ESSA is able to issue ECB-S certificates.                 

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UL listing

SP is a recognized testing laboratory by UL – Underwriters Laboratory. SP can carry out fire tests in accordance with UL 72 and under the witness program of UL i.e. a UL representative will witness any test in accordance with UL 72 which is carried out at SP if the intention is to use the test report for UL listing application.

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