EN 1364-1 Fire resistance tests for non-load-bearing elements – Part 1: Walls

European fire test method for non-load-bearing walls.

This part of EN 1364 specifies a method for determining the fire resistance of non-load-bearing walls. The standard is to be applied in conjunction with EN 1363-1. 

The method can be applied to non-load-bearing inner walls with or without glazing, walls consisting mostly of glass and other inner or outer walls with or without glazing. The method is also applicable to windows.

If, in practice, the width or height of the construction is 3 m or less, then that dimension of the test specimen shall be tested at full size. The tested object must be constructed as in practice. According to the standard, different design solutions may not be mixed in a test such as different types of glass if it does not conform to the design solution used in practice. If, in practice, the construction is less than 3x3 m, the wall must be attached in the same way as in practice. Otherwise, a vertical side should be free and the remaining three sides will be attached as in practice. 

For constructions with an anticipated insulation performance, thermocouples are mounted on the non-exposed side for measurement of average temperature and maximum temperature. The integrity of the structure is measured as usual with interpreters, cotton pad and visual observations.

For vertical constructions there are also other functional requirements that can be used for classification. Radiation can be measured on uninsulated test items (for E-Class) and on test items having uninsulated areas greater than 0.1 m2, and where the surface temperature of the non-exposed side is expected to exceed 300 °C. The deformation of the wall shall be measured for later use as a basis for assessments.  

Some countries, such as Sweden and Germany, require shock resistance, in this case shock tests must be performed according to EN 1363-2. 

Performance characteristics

E - Integrity

W - Radiation

I - Thermal Insulation

M - Mechanical action


The classification standard EN 13501-2 defines the classes that can be used in Europe and the classes in the table below can be applied to non-load-bearing walls. National authorities in the member states may choose not to use all classes why it is important to check which classes are of interest before testing. 

Fire protection ability classes non-load-bearing walls 

fire resistance

Time (minutes)

E - 20 30 - 60 90 120 - -
EI 15 20 30 45 60 90 120 180 240
EI-M - - 30 - 60 90 120 - -
EW - 20 30 - 60 90 120 - -


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