ISO 5660-1 & 2 Cone calorimeter

ISO 5660-1 & 2 – Cone calorimeter, heat release and smoke production.

Areas of use

The test method is used for fire technical modelling. The data from the test results can be used for modelling bigger fires. A fire sequence in the ISO 9705 – Room Corner Test and EN 13823 – SBI can for example be predicted using the ISO 5660 method. The cone calorimeter test is also largely used when testing products that are under development. A whole range of different data can be compared in order to eliminate products that will not have the sufficient fire characteristics.

The following parameters are measured when testing according to ISO 5660, heat release rate (kW/m2), total heat release (MJ/m2), mass loss (g/s), effective net heat of combustion (MJ/kg) and smoke production rate (m2/s). Levels of toxic gases can also be measured with FTIR analysis.

The test method is also used for third party verification (production control).

Example of products that can be tested according to this method

Building products, furnishings, cables, marine products, railway products, etc

Material needed when testing
Complete test series,
3 tests 
6 specimens with dimensions 100 mm x 100 mm.
Maximum thickness 50 mm.
Single indicative test 2 specimens with dimensions 100 mm x 100 mm.
Maximum thickness 50 mm.
Test procedure

When testing a product according to ISO 5660, a sample with the dimension 100 mm x 100 mm is subjected to a specific irradiance level. The surface of the sample is heated and starts to emit pyrolysis gases that ignite by a spark igniter. The emitted gases are collected in a hood and transported away through a ventilation system. The heat release is measured using the data on measured oxygen concentration in the emitted smoke. The smoke production is measured continually throughout the test with a laser system. 



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