Information UL94 V0, V1 and V2 – Plastic material

Test method: UL 94 Flame spread in plastic materials used in Devices and Appliances

Area of use
The method is intended to be used as a preliminary indication for fire behavior of products with respect to initability.

The method measures the ignitability of the product when exposed to a small flame.

Exempel of products that can be tested according to this method
Plastic material, rubber material and other non metallic materials.

Material needed when testing

Complete test serie 20 specimens with dimensions
125 mm x 13 mm. Max thickness 13 mm.
One orientating test 4 specimens with dimensions
125 mm x 13 mm. Max thickness 13 mm.


Test procedure
The test specimen is placed vertical in a test chamber. Cotton is placed under the specimen. The gas flame is applied for 10 seconds. The afterflame time is noted. When the flames have died out the gas flame is applied once more for 10 seconds. The afterflame time and afterglow time are noted and if the material releases any flaming particles or drops which ignites the cotton under the specimen. Before test the specimens must be conditioned for 48 hours in standard climate and conditioned for 168 hours in 70°C. Five specimens from each conditioning set are to be tested. Following test results are given in report:

• Afterflame time for each specimen
• Total afterflame time for the conditioned set
• Afterflame time and afterglow time for each specimen after second gas flame application
• If the material burns or glows to the specimen attachment
• If the cotton is ignited

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