Information about EN ISO 1182 - Non-combustibility test

Test method EN ISO 1182, Fire technical testing of building products, non-combustibility. Test method IMO 2010 FTP Code part 1, Fire testing of materials for shipping, non-combustibility.

Main field of application

Classification according to Euroclass A1, A1fl, A2, and A2fl (designation for non-combustible products) according to the European System. Three other test methods are also used, see data sheet EN 13823, EN ISO 9239-1 and EN ISO 1716.  

Declaration of non-combustibility of products for other reasons, for example insurance purposes, for regulations in non-European countries and for maritime purposes.

Examples of products that can be tested with this method

Certain types of building products, comprised by fire regulations and included in the European Construction Product Regulation, CPR, for example insulation products of mineral wool, fibre reinforced cement, silicate boards, sealing compounds etc. 

Material consumption during test

Complete test 12 test specimens, cylindrical with the diameter 45 mm and height 50 mm.
Indicative test 2 test specimen, cylindrical with the diameter 45 mm and height 50 mm.

If the thickness of the product is thinner than 50 mm sufficient number of horizontal layers of the material shall be used to adjust the thickness to 50 mm.

Test procedure

A test specimen is located inside a cylindrical furnace tube at 750 °C. The furnace and specimen temperatures are measured continuously during the test. Potential combustion of the test specimen is registered as temperature rise and/or visible flames. Mass loss of the test specimen is calculated after the test. These parameters are used to decide if the product is non-combustible or not






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