Information about 16 CFR Part 1633

Fire test of matresses.


United States Government Standard for Flammability of Mattresses 16 CFR Part 1633 ”Standard for the flammability (open flame) of mattresses sets”.

Why test according to this standard?

The standard is used to evaluate the fire progression and energy output in a mattress or a mattress set when subjected to an ignition source approximate to burning bed clothes.

16 CFR Part 1633 is a federal standard in USA and all manufactured or imported mattresses and mattress sets must meet this standard.

Example of materials that can be tested according to this standard

Mattresses, mattress sets, upholstered bed bases etc.

Sample dimensions

Three complete prototype mattress.

Short test description

The mattress or mattress set is located on top of a steel rig and exposed to two T-shaped burners with a total burner heat output of 27 kW. The side burner is applied for 50 seconds and the top burner is applied for 70 seconds. The fire is then allowed to develop freely. The smoke gases produced during the test are collected by a hood and exhaust system from where samples are taken for gas analysis. Heat release rate is measured continuously. The peak rate of heat release of may not exceed 200 kW and the total heat release in the first 10 minutes of the test of may not exceed 15 MJ.


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