Information about BS 6807:2006

Fire test of mattresses, upholstered divans and upholstered bed bases.


Methods of test for assessment of the ignitability of mattresses, upholstered divans and upholstered bed bases with flaming types of primary and secondary sources of ignition.

Why test according to this standard?

The standard is used to assess the ignitability of mattresses, upholstered divans and upholstered bed bases, when subjected to different ignition sources of gas flames and small wooden cribs. The thermal output of the ignition sources shall approximate a burning match to four sheets of a full size newspaper.

Attention is drawn to BS 7177:2008, which specifies requirements for the resistance to ignition of mattresses, divans and bed bases in various hazard classifications, when tested in accordance with this British standard.

Example of materials that can be tested according to this standard

Mattresses, upholstered divans and upholstered bed bases

Sample dimensions

The tests can be performed either in full scale or in small scale. For a full scale test a mattress with scale 1:1 is required.

For a small scale tests, a minimum of 3 test specimens is required. The test specimen shall be rectangular in shape and of minimum size 450 mm x 350 mm x nominal thickness of the finished mattress. The type of proposed edge finishing system shall be incorporated, e.g. plain, piped or tape edged. Representative tension shall be maintained in the cover. The proposed mattress finish shall be represented in the test specimen, e.g. tufted or quilted.

Short test description

The tests are performed in a test cabinet with a calibrated air flow. The test specimen is located on top of a steel rig. The ignition sources are located on top of the mattress and on a specified distance below the mattress (the distance varies with the ignition source). There are six different ignition sources, numbered 2-7. ignition sources 2-3 are gas flames and ignition sources 4-7 are wooden cribs (the higher number the larger gas flame/crib).

During the gas flame tests the test assembly is not allowed to smoulder for more than 15 minutes from the start of the test (60 minutes for wooden cribs). The test assembly is not allowed to show evidence of charring more than 100 mm in any horizontal direction from the nearest part of the original position of the ignition source. The gas flames are removed after 40 seconds (ignition source 2) or 70 seconds (ignition source 3). No flaming is allowed to continue for more than 120 seconds after removal of the burner tube. No flaming is allowed to continue for more than 10 minutes after start of the test with ignition source 4-5 (13 minutes with ignition source 6-7).


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