Information on SS 876 00 10 Health care textiles – Nursing beds

SS 876 00 10 Health care textiles – Nursing beds - Burning requirements - Extra high ignition resistance of mattresses to be used in certain premises. The standard defines the requirements for ignitability of mattresses designed for special purposes.

For testing the standard refers to NT FIRE 055 - Mattresses: Burning behavior - Full scale test. The requirements are for heat release and smoke production. When testing according to NT FIRE 055 it is also possible to measure concentrations of toxic gases by FTIR - analysis.


Why test according to this standard
This method evaluates the burning behavior of mattresses intended for special purposes. The standard states demands for basic fire requirements (flammability, smoke and heat output) of mattresses intended for care of patients who may ignite the mattress on purpose (e.g. mentally ill patients).
The ignition source when testing is a square gas burner (defined in the California Technical Bulletin 133) that corresponds to a deliberate ignition by means of, for example, crumpled newspaper pages.


During a fire in a hospital ward the mattress is one of the components that constitute the greatest fire hazard because it can develop large amounts of heat and smoke.


The test method NT FIRE 055 measures the following: developed thermal power (kW), the amount of developed energy (MJ), smoke production (m2/s), the mass loss rate (kg/s). If required, the content of toxic gases in the smoke is measured by FTIR analysis equipment.
Test data on heat and smoke production from the mattress can be used as input for fire modeling. 

Examples of materials to be tested
Mattresses intended for nursing beds.


Material needed for test
1 complete mattress is needed for an assessment against the requirements criteria in SS 876 00 10. In case of a complaint dispute, three complete mattresses are tested.


Summary of test procedure
The mattress is placed on a bed frame in metal. The frame with the mattress is placed on a weighing platform. The entire test assembly is placed under a hood (calorimeter) that collects all the smoke. The ignition source, which delivers 30 kW heat output, is applied in the middle and on top of the mattress for 120 s. A possible fire in the mattress should have self-extinguished no later than 3 minutes after the burner has been removed.
To simulate an arson the mattress is prepared by two incisions in the centre of the mattress cover (perpendicular to each other), so that the mattress core (foam) is directly affected by the flames from the burner.


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