Information about EN ISO 12952-1:2010 and EN ISO 12952-2:2010

Testing of ignitability for bedding items.


Textiles – Assessment of the ignitability of bedding items – Part 1: Ignition source: smouldering cigarette.

Textiles – Assessment of the ignitability of bedding items – Part 2: Ignition source: match flame equivalent.

Why test according to this standard?

The standard is used to assess the ignitability of bedding items when subjected to a smouldering cigarette and a match flame equivalent as ignition source.

In Sweden, to be able to use bedding items in a high risk health care environment, the bedding items must be able to resist ignition according to SS-EN ISO 12952-1 and SS-EN ISO 12952-2.

According to the standard for railway applications, EN 45545-2, bedding items are to be tested according to EN ISO 12952-2, ignition with a match flame equivalent.

These test methods only evaluates the ignitability of bedding products and does not evaluate the burning behavior of a specific item.

Materials that can be tested according to this standard

Mattress covers, underlays, incontinence sheets and pads, sheets, blankets, electric blankets, quilts (duvets) and covers, pillows (whatever the filling) and bolsters, pillowcases.

Sample dimensions

Bedding item Dimensions (mm) Number of specimens
Duvet/quilt 450 ± 10 x 450 ± 10, edges should be sealed. At least 2 original edges per specimen. 3
Sheet/blanket/pillow case 450 ± 10 x 1350 ± 10. 
Pillow/bolster May be cut to a length of 450. 3
Mattresscover/underlay/incontinence sheet and pad 450 ± 10 x 450 ± 10. 3
 Complete set of bedding items A combination of selected bedding items to test as a group. 3 of each item.

Short test description

The tests are performed in a test cabinet with a calibrated air flow. The test specimen is located on a substrate of mineral wool, on top of a steel rig. Ignition sources are applied on flat surfaces, quilts, edge tapes, underneath quilts, between sheets, etc.

During the cigarette test the bedding item is not allowed to smoulder or produce externally detectable amounts of smoke, heat or glowing after one hour from the beginning of the test.  It is also not allowed to have any occurrence of flames initiated by the smouldering cigarette.

The test assembly is subjected to a gas flame for 15 seconds. No flaming is allowed to continue for more than 120 seconds after removal of ignition source, and the specimen must not burn until it is consumed within the test duration. The bedding item must not smoulder or produce externally detectable amounts of smoke, heat or glowing after 15 minutes following the removal of the ignition source.

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