Fire testing – furniture and furnishing

There are several test methods relating to establish the fire properties and behaviour of furniture, furnishings and mattresses. The most common ignition sources used are a glowing cigarette and a small gas flame, the size of a match. Depending on where the furniture is to be used (hotel, school, domestic, hospitals, etc.) and also which market it is to be sold on the methods differ. UK generally has the strictest requirements in Europe, both for the domestic and the public market.

There are a few standards covering all of Europe but each country often has their own standards and requirements. There are also specific sector requirements in areas such as maritime, rolling stock and the automotive industry.

SP Fire Research carries out fire testing in accordance with the services (standards) as shown on the right.  Click on the links on the right for more detailed information on each test method.  We also perform customized tests for specific projects and in accordance to standards other than those shown on the right.  Please contact us for further information.

Information about EN 1021-1:2014 and EN 1021-2:2014

Testing of ignitablity for upholstered furniture.

Information about EN 597-1:2015 and EN 597-2:2015

Ignitability for upholstered beds and mattresses.
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