Information about NT FIRE 032

Upholstered furniture: Burning behaviour – Full scale test.

Why test according to this standard?

The standard is used to evaluate the fire progression for upholstered furniture under well ventilated conditions when subjected to a specified ignition source. Parameters like heat release rate, smoke production, mass loss and toxic gases can be measured. The standard is mostly used for upholstered furniture in public environments where the fire test requirements are high.

NT FIRE 032 is solely a method for evaluating the fire behaviour of upholstered furniture, the standard does not contain any fire test criteria. Therefore, when testing according to NT FIRE 032, it is common to refer to test criteria in other test standards, for example the standard for hospital beds SS 876 00 10.

Example of materials that can be tested according to this standard

Sofas, chairs and other upholstered furniture.

Sample dimensions

A complete upholstered furniture.

Short test description

The upholstered furniture is located on a weight platform underneath a hood. The ignition source is a wooden crib, identical to crib ignition source 7 in the British standard BS 5852. However, NT FIRE 032 also allows alternative ignition sources and normally another ignition source is used instead; a propane gas burner with a heat output of 30 kW. The ignition source is located on the seat area of the upholstered furniture and the fire is allowed to develop freely. During the test heat release rate, smoke production, mass loss, toxic gases etc. can be measured.


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