Flammable products

SP Fire Technology has developed a test method (SP Metod 2369) for evaluation of performance of flammable products storage cabinets.

The test method is a result of a large project which was completed during 1997. The results of the project were used as a base for the requirements in the method. The results are compiled in a report : SP AR 1997:35 (in Swedish).

SP is accredited for certification of products. For cabinets, this type of certification is voluntary. In the voluntary sector, certification is used to confirm that market requirements have been fulfilled. SP's certification services have the flexibility to adjust to a wide range of market requirements. A certified cabinet has a P-marking.

A (second project) on storage of Flammable Products at sales facilities has shown that ordinary sprinklers are not sufficient to control or extinguish a fire in a pallet of flammable liquid.

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