Small scale fire test procedure

RISE offers testing of low expansion foam concentrates with a small scale fire test procedure which provides the same fire performance ratings as those generated by the EN-standard, EN 1568.

Testing according to the EN-standard implies large costs, and environmental contamination, and is therefore not recommended to perform when the concentrate is tested in a quality control  test or production control. The small scale fire test procedure can be used in these cases to provide extinguishment performance which is comparable to the EN-standard.

Reliable data

The small scale fire test procedure, SP-Method 2580, has been developed within an EU-project called FAIRFIRE. A large number of fire tests have been performed, both in standard scale and small scale with different geometry.

The results have then been analysed in respect to the correlation between time to control, extinguishing performance and burn back resistance.

The aim with the small scale fire test method is to provide reliable data with limited resources. Below is a table presented which shows the differences between the small scale and the standard scale. 

 Standard scale
 Small scale
Type of Fuel  Heptane  Acetone  Heptane  Acetone
Tray size (m2)  4.5  1.73  0.66  0.41
Fuel (lL)  144  125  21  30
Consumption of foam concentrate(L)   1.5-4.2  1.5-3.0  0.3-1.0  0.3-0.6
Foam nozzle (l/min)  11.4  11.4  1.25 (2.5 total)  2.5

The small amounts of foam concentrate and fuel, together with the fact that the test is very easy to perform, makes the small scale method a perfect tool for quality control, production control and development of new foam concentrates. The best and most reliable way to judge the condition for a foam concentrate is to perform a fire test.

Good basis for evaluation

The advantage with the small scale fire test method is obvious and the FAIRFIRE project has made it possible to compare data from the small scale method to the standard scale method, EN 1568. However, the standard scale specified in EN 1568 will still be used for approval testing.

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