Quality control of foam concentrate

In fire fighting systems with foam it is very important that the foam concentrates have the quality that you can expect. We offer quality control testing of foam concentrates stored on ships, industries etc., according to SP-Method 2580.

The test program also complies with IMO MSC/Circ.582 section 4. It is recommended to perform a quality control annually.

What kind of tests will be performed?

The tests performed for judging the quality of a foam concentrate is depending on foam type. If not enough information about the foam type is available more extensive testing may be needed.

Below is a list of tests that could be valid depending on foam type:

  • Expansion ratio and drainage rate, fresh- and sea water
  • pH-value
  • Viscosity
  • Sediment
  • Resistance against solvents (AR-foam)
  • Film forming ability (AFFF)
  • Refractive index
  • Density

However, these tests are not always sufficient to determine if the concentrate is in good condition or not when it comes to extinguishment performance. SP can therefore offer tests for evaluating fire performance to a comparable low cost using the Small scale fire test procedure which was developed in the FAIRFIRE project. All tests are described in SP Method 2580.
For foam production the foam nozzle UNI 86R is used for measuring expansion ratio and drainage rate.

How can I get my foam tested?

The test sample should be minimum 3 L of foam concentrate delivered in a plastic can marked with a description of the content. The sample should be representative of the content in the storage tank.

In order to ensure an objective and fair judgement of the quality of the foam we need as much information about the foam concentrate as possible. Below are a form with instructions that should be used when ordering a quality control test.

Download the form 

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