Fire fighting foams

SP offers testing of fire fighting foams according to a number of various standards.
  • ISO 7203 part 1-3 
  • EN 1568 part 1-4 
  • IMO MSC/Circ.582, 798, 799, 670
  • ICAO
  • SP-Method 2580

The most extensive standard is the EN 1568 standard. It is used as a base for the P-mark certification

The tests are applicable to all kind of class B foam concentrates (Detergent, AFFF, AFFF-AR, P, FP, FP-AR, FFFP, FFFP-AR), i.e. low expansion, medium expansion, and high expansion. The extent of tests depends on type of foam concentrates and the results. Before the EN 1568 standard was accepted in October 2000, the NORDTEST method, NT FIRE 023, was used as the base for the P-mark certification. SP also offers testing according to ISO 7203, which is the first international standard for fire fighting foams and consists of three different parts. As the ISO 7203 standard is rather similar to EN 1568 with only some differences it is possible to combine tests in order to comply with both standards.

Other standards, which are frequently used, are IMO MSC/Circ.582, 668, 670, 798 and 799 that often are required by maritime administrations and classification bodies for the use onboard ships. The use of foams on airports requires tests according to ICAO 9137-AN/898, chapter 8. Fire testing according to other standards might also be offered, e.g. UL 162 and MIL-F-24385F.

Extinguishing test on a 4,5 m2 heptane fire which is used in the ISO and EN standards.

We also conduct quality control tests on foam concentrates stored on ships, industries etc., according to SP-Method 2580.

SP has been active in standardisation activities and Mr Henry Persson is the convener of ISO TC191/SC6/WG4 and a member of CEN TC 191/WG3. During the standardisation work, SP has conducted a lot of fire tests for reference purpose and has therefore both the necessary equipment and experience. The fire test hall provides indoor testing which enables us to conduct tests under similar and ideal conditions all year round. The testing activities are accredited according to EN 45001.

SP has also an extensive experience from research on fire fighting foams. Supported by the EC Environment and Climate programme, a project, FOAMSPEX, was completed in 2001. The project focuses on foam spread and extinguishment of large fires.

As a result of an other EC project called FAIRFIRE, a small scale fire test procedure has been developed for e.g. quality control purposes, product development, etc.

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