Fires in vehicles

Attention is being paid to fires in vehicles as a result of accidents all over Europe. The choice and fitting of interior materials affects the fire safety of private cars, buses and coaches.

1 % of all buses and coaches are involved in a fire incident each year.  This is an area where much can be gained by careful choice of materials for interiors, while the fitting of fire detection and extinguishing systems in engine bays can also be justified.  Fires in heavy goods vehicles can have serious consequences, particularly if they occur in tunnels, where the fire can spread to other vehicles.

New fuels  -  new challenges

Vehicles generally contain some form of fuel, and it is therefore important that fuel tanks should be designed to remain intact and not leak if exposed to fire.  New fuels, such as E85, natural gas, biogas and hydrogen, present new fire risks, and it is important that the tanks containing them are designed so they do not increase the risk of fire during normal use or make the consequences of an accident more serious if the vehicle is involved in a fire.  In the case of electrically powered vehicles, voltages are much higher than in other vehicles, and could produce arcs that could in turn cause fires.

SP's wide range of materials knowledge, and its expertise in the fields of different fire mechanisms and behaviours, mean that it can tackle the most complex problem areas. 


Fires in buses

Fires in buses are quite common and can cause major consequences. Read more...

New fuels

New fuels in vehicles might also involve new risks. We offer both evaluation of such risks and how to eliminate these.Read more...


International conference about fires in vehicles

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