Freeze dryers

Freeze drying is often an important stage in the purification of products. A lot of work, whether before or after drying, can be destroyed by uneven drying, and so calibration/validation of freeze dryers is important. RISE calibrates freeze dryers, which can also be performed in the form of validation, i.e. checking performance for compliance with specified requirements.
Validation of freeze dryers

Freeze dryers have many applications, e.g. to create products that will keep, or as a process stage in purification. 

Documentation and service

In order to be able to provide the necessary documentation for products, and to be sure that freeze dryers are operating correctly, dryers require not only normal service but also regular inspection and validation.  This is particularly important, as drying is often one of the final stages of manufacture, and a lot of work can have been wasted if freeze drying performance is inadequate. 

Calibration / validation consists of the following: 
  • Calibration of vacuum sensors used for documentation and inspection 
  • Temperature calibration of sensors used for documentation and inspection
  • Measurement of the temperature in the space in which the products are contained (logging against time, differences from one part of the product space to another, relationship between the space and the product)

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