Field sampling testing of sprinklers

We perform twenty-five-year inspection on sprinklers according to EN 12845.

According to the European Standard for water sprinkler systems EN 12845: 2015 "Fixed firefighting systems - Automatic sprinkler systems - Design, installation and maintenance" a twenty-five-year inspection of all sprinkler systems should be done.

Dry-pipe systems shall be inspected after 10 years. This means, among other things, that a number of sprinklers from each system must be removed and tested. Appendix K of the standard EN 12845:2015 indicates how many sprinklers that are to be tested, see the table below.


Total number of sprinklers installed Number of sprinklers to be inspected
 < 5 000   20
 < 10 000  40
 < 20 000  60
 < 30 000  80
 < 40 000  100

Sprinklers shall be assessed for:
a) operation;
b) operation temperature;
c) variation of K-factor;
d) spray obstacles;
e) lodgement;
f) thermal sensitivity.

For wet-pipe systems, appendix K of EN 12845:2015 states that at least one sprinkler section per building should be checked. In case there are several wet valves installed in the same building, only 10% need to be checked. For dry-pipe systems sprinklers from all sections must be checked.
We recommend that at least 20 sprinkles from each sprinkler section are tested. If several different makes and models of sprinklers occur within the section, each make and model should be represented in the sample.

Operating temperature is measured on between four to six sprinklers and the RTI value of the remaining sprinklers. Visual inspection and assessment is made on all sprinklers. In some cases, only a visual assessment of the above parameters is made. No actual testing is done unless the visual assessment would find a reason for further testing.

To facilitate testing and reporting, a form “Field sampling testing of sprinklers” must be filled in and attached to the sprinkles sent to RISE Fire Research, see link to the right.

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