Process safety

The process industry is at present undergoing an expansive phase, with older control systems being progressively replaced by new systems. The requirement constantly to improve the safety of process plants has resulted in the publication of a new standard IEC 61511 in this field
Process safety

With its experience and knowledge of the new IEC 61511/IEC 61508 process safety standards, RISE can provide a wide range of services for both component manufacturers and end users in process industries. 

  • RISE can provide the following services in the field of process safety: 
  • Safety assessments of components in process control systems (IEC 61508) 
  • Safety assessments of complete process control systems (IEC 61511) 
  • Support at all stages of the development of safety circuits 
  • Guidance on components used in safety functions, both programmable systems and mechanical parts (e.g. valves).
A new standard

The process industries are at present in an expansive phase, progressively replacing older control systems by new systems.  Pressure constantly to improve the safety of process installations has resulted in publication of a new standard, IEC 61511.  It describes the functional safety requirements applicable to modern process control.  It includes the concept of SIL (Safety Integrity Level), which describes the requirements for the important safety functions that are identified by risk analysis. 
This new standard also provides more flexibility, as it accepts that the use of redundant circuits can be avoided if the quality of an individual component can be shown to be sufficiently high. 

RISE can provide the following services in the field of process safety: 
  • Technical risk analysis (identification of safety functions and determination of the associated SIL)
  • Production of performance specifications, determination of the probability of hardware faults (PFD) for safety circuits 
  • Fault effect analysis by FMEDA (Failure Mode Effects and Diagnostics Analysis) for determination of SFF (Safe Failure Fraction) 
  • Assistance with software development, and guidance on requirements to be specified to component suppliers 
  • Guidance on documentation required at the various development stages
  • Training courses on IEC 61511 and IEC 61508 standards.  (Click the Courses link in the column on the right for further information.)

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