Functional and strength tests

One aspect which should be taken into account as regards environmentally adapted products is that they must be practical to use and function as they are intended to.
Bilogical effetcs

For example, the resistance of materials and products against biological effects can be of great importance. Additionally, eco-labelled products must not be of inferior quality compared with traditional products.

Functional test

Depending on product group, SP can, in cooperation with the  client, design a suitable functional test or simulate operational conditions. In cooperation with other departments within SP, we can solve your problems within a wide area. We are also developing new testing methods, and "tailor" evaluation programmes for your product.

Some examples of our services: 
  • Test of the ability of compost bags to resist mechanical load and moisture 
  • Test of various types of medical sterile packaging
  • Test of the ability of various products to reduce the  growth of microorganisms. Examples of such products are air filters, disinfectants, cleaning materials, bio-resistant surfaces etc.
  • Qualitative and quantitative analysis and characterisation of polymer materials
  • Strength, for example, fatigue, impact test and tensile test of various polymermaterials and products               

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