Geometry assurance of production equipment using non-traditional methods

In addition to its traditional work of calibrating items such as different kinds of inspection tables, surface plates and measuring benches, SP assists many customers in verifying the sizes and positions of everything from jigs and moulds to larger complicated products. Our different types of portable measuring systems enable us to perform inspections and verifications in whichever way is most suitable.

In recent years, more and more users of production equipment have become aware of the weaknesses of the traditional way of verifying the accuracy of equipment such as machine tools or presses, by means of reference artefacts such as straight edges or square references.  Such measurements are very time-consuming to make, and often fail to provide a complete picture. 

Unique methods developed by SP

By combining traditional methodologies with modern 3D systems, SP has developed unique methods for geometry assurance of production equipment.  Such verification usually takes only a fraction of the time required by traditional methods, and the resulting information is often easier to use when considering how to adjust or modify the equipment. 

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