Flooring Materials

SP has very extensive testing facilities when it comes to flooring materials. The materials themselves range over a wide area, from concrete and screed materials through plastic rubber, laminate and wood floorings to textile floor coverings.

What we all walk and stand on it is perhaps something most people won’t spend a thought, but perhaps they should. The parameters of interest relates to areas such as fire, electronics, acoustics, emissions, and mechanical properties.

European standard and CE marking

Today there are harmonized European standards for Screed materials, wood floorings, resilient floorings (PVC, rubber, linoleum, laminate and textile) and sports surfaces (for indoor sports centres). This means that in order to sell these floors in Europe, the floors need to be CE marked. Of course SP can help with this. SP is also accredited to perform tests on sports surfaces and artificial turf on site. To have a new sport surface tested can be a good way to ensure that the floor installed meets the requirements set up.

SP report

The report "Determination of mechanical comfort properties of floor coverings" (SP report 2009:04) can be downloaded to the right on this page.


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