Testing of exhaust air heat pumps


SP’s testing ranges from comprehensive testing of performance aspects such as heat pump capacity, efficiency, sound power level and correct operation of control and ancillary functions, to less comprehensive but more specialised testing such as measuring performance at a specified operating point.  

A list of the most common tests that we perform for exhaust air heat pumps is as follows:   

  • Measurement of capacity and efficiency at full-load and part-load operation, in accordance with EN 14511, EN 14825, CEN/TS 14825, SP Method 2800 and SP Method 0029.
  • Testing of capacity and efficiency and calculation of seasonal coefficient of performance in accordance with EN 14825. EN 14825 is the standard for which the ecodesign requirements and the energy labeling requirements, developed within ENER Lot 1, will be based on.
  • Testing capacity and efficiency for production of domestic hot water in accordance with SS-EN 16147, according to suggestions for future ecodesign requirements and energy labeling requirements for domestic hot water heaters (ENER Lot 2, Draft regulations for water heaters and hot water storage tanks) and EN 255-3.
  • Testing for air leakage and air flow capacity.
  • Testing defrosting and safety functions etc. in accordance with EN 14511-4.
  • SP can perform visual and technical inspection of heat pumps.  We also inspect Swedish- and English-language user instructions and care and maintenance instructions.
  • Sound power measurements in accordance with EN 12102 in combination with ISO 3747 or ISO 3741.
  • Calculation of seasonal coefficient of performance and energy savings in accordance with SP Method 4964, using data from capacity and efficiency testing for space heating and hot water production.
  • Testing in accordance with NF-mark, quality symbol for the French market.
  • In addition, SP can also measure most other functions and parameters as required by our customers, such as pressures in refrigerant systems, hot gas temperatures and testing and inspection in accordance with other national and international certification systems as required.
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