We perform tests on all types of hoses for any purpose, such as testing and certification of fire hoses. Testing under manufacturers' own technical provisions of the hoses in vehicles, industrial processes, etc.

Today, hoses are technically advanced products that exist in many different types and of different materials for various applications. The different applications give rise to specific requirements which are displayed in standards and technical specifications. Both the content of the hoses and the ambient conditions varies greatly. It can be very long fire hoses in a burnt forest or high-performance brake hoses in a racing motorcycle. The conditions can vary from the engine room in a super tanker to instruments in a sterile hospital environment.
This means that the hose must withstand the most critical loads in every application.

We offer our resources to test and to choose right test method for most hose types, for fire hoses and automotive hoses.

Fire hoses

We carry out testing of lay-flat fire hoses according to SS2840. We can also carry out EN 1947 for fire hoses for pumps and vehicles.

A growing application is first aid hose reels with semi-rigid hose. We perform type-testing and product certification of hose reels according to EN 671-1 and semi-rigid reel hose according to prEN 694. We can also test fire hose cabinets with lay-flat hoses according to EN 671-2 and hoses according to EN 14540.

Companies who have a product certificate issued by SP may mark their product with SP’s P-mark.

Automotive hoses

We perform tests for suppliers and OEM within the automotive industry according to technical specifications and industry standards. We can also perform testing according to SAE standards or other national/international standards.

We carry out tests on for instance brake hoses, AC hose, servo hoses, cooling hoses, fuel hoses etc. Performance characteristics that we can evaluate are for example ozone resistance, adhesion between layers, flexibility in cold conditions, leaktightness and volume expansion. We also carry out combination tests like flex impuls and dynamic durability with simultaneous vibration, pressure pulsing and temperature influence.


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