P-marked indoor climate

The P-marked indoor climate can be applied on all types of buildings as residential buildings, schools, day care centres and office buildings.

P-marking of a building indicates that the quality of the indoor climate is in accordance with certification rules. In this case SPCR 114. The rules include requirements and recommendations for thermal comfort, air quality, moisture, noise, radon, electric and magnetic fields and minimum temperature for hot water as it is defined in the requirements from 1998 “Criteria’s for healthy buildings and materials” from Boverket (The National Board of Housing, Building and Planning). The rules can be applied both in planning and for new and old buildings.

The road the P-mark for indoor climate is first an application to SP Certification. The application must include information necessary for evaluation of the buildings constructive and technical systems in relation to the indoor climate. The second step is an inspection from SP of the actual building with a report that can include recommendations for improvements of the building. Assuming that the results are acceptable, an agreement concerning ongoing inspection is signed between SP and the building owner. The result will be a certificate:  P-mark for the building valid in five years. SP will each year inspect the owners internal management system and a selected part of the building.

The owner of the building can use the P-mark certificate to show

  • that the building is managed after a documented indoor climate management system
  • that problems can be prevented from the owners own inspection system
  • that the buildings indoor climate is in accordance with the requirements stated in the certification rules.

Using an efficient quality control, P-mark, can give a good indoor climate and reduce the risk for expensive damages and renovations.

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