Air Cleaners and Cleaning Equipment

Vacuum Cleaners

A vacuum cleaner can consist of several filter units where for example the bag is one filter unit and the exhaust filter is another unit. To work satisfactory as a complete unit, it is important that it is air tight so that the air is filtered in the filters and not passing through leaks around the different filter units, i.e. the particle filtration efficiency of the complete vacuum cleaner system. Another parameter that influences the performance of the vacuum cleaner is the suction power.


Tests of vacuum cleaners and their accessories: 

  • Filtration efficiency, dust emission 
  • Air flow
  • Suction power
  • Noise
  • Vacuum cleaner filter
  • Vacuum cleaner bag


Air Cleaners

An air cleaner cleans the air from particles and can be moved from one room to another. SP test among other things:

  • Cleaning efficiency (ECR/CADR) 
  • Ozone production 
  • Noise


Mops and Cloths

Tests of mops and cloths:

  • Dust reduction
  • Microbe reduction

Contact us for more information regarding special kind of filter tests.



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