Particles in indoor enviroment

The indoor enviroment is influenced by many factors, one of these is particles. Particles in indoor enviroment comes from sources and activites indoors, as well as from sources outdoors. Particles origins from traffic, industry, combustion, tobacco smoking, cooking, furred animals, textiles, plants, building material, internal decoration etc. In indoor enviroment particles are found on surfaces or are air borned. Airborned inhaled particles can cause health problems if they are deposited in the lungs. Also skin and eyes can be irritated.

The amount of particles indoors can be reduces by cleaning and ventialtion. The objective with claening is to reduce contaminations from surfaces in the building and reduce the risk of particles to whirl around and spread in the builing. Cleaning can create a hygienic good indoor environment, but can also contribute to an aesthetic attractive environment. The ventilation exchanges air and removes particles from indoor. In the ventilation system are filters that prevent particles to reach into the building. Another method to reduce the amount of particles is to control the sources, for example choice of furniture or building materials.

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