Industrial fire safety

A combination of intermediate and large-scale fire tests may be the useful to optimise the level of fire safety in industrial facilities.

Fulfilling the requirements of authorities or insurance companies may not always result in the optimum level of fire safety for a company. In our facilities it is possible to evaluate fire hazards in both large and reduced scale. Through our long experience in conducting and evaluating fire tests we can help our customers to optimise the pay-off on their available resources. By the use of suitable modelling techniques the test data can be extrapolated or interpolated as far as knowledge and science will allow today. Examples among many different projects that have been conducted include:

  • Research in the field of fire in hydraulic fluids
  • Fire effects on tools for plastic moulding
  • Protection of industrial tools in case of fire
  • Fire hazards and protection of distributing
  • systems for hydraulic oil and cutting oil
  • Sprinkler protection of saw mills
  • Impact from heat radiation during tank fires
  • Large-scale fire sprinkler tests
  • Large-sacle water mist system tests

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