Standard for recording on paper - ISO 11798

SP led the international work on a global standard for recording on paper. All types of recording are covered by the standard, printing and copying, manual writing and machine-made recording.

The standard is based on the test methods and the views on permanence that have been used in Sweden for many years. The basic philosophy is that it shall be possible to read the documents now and in the future. It shall be possible to copy, scan and microfilm new documents and documents which have been exposed to light, water, handling and long-term storage. In addition, the recording process must not have a negative effect on the paper strength.

The standard contains requirements in terms of
  • Appearance and colour strength
  • Light fastness
  • Water resistance
  • Transfer of recording
  • Wear resistance
  • Heat resistance
  • Influence on the mechanical strength of the paper

The standard also specifies the paper to be used for preparation of test documents and the appearance of the recording.


The figure shows the standardised test
pattern for ball pens.

Recording meeting the requirements of  the standard, is permanent providing that the documents are kept in a suitable environment. 

When the light fastness of multi coloured recording is of importance for the contents of the document, the requirements on the standard are insufficient. Changes of the colour tones are accepted as long as the
information contents are kept.

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