Life-time control of electrical energy meters

On commission by the Swedish utilities organisation Swedenergy, RISE manages a national control system for electricity meters called ELSA (Electricity meters Lifetime – Statistical Analysis)

All electricity meters for residential use are registered in the ELSA database which is managed by RISE. The control is two-fold. All erroneous meters are to be reported by internet into the database and the statistics are continuously being monitored and are shown to all participants. This part mainly monitors functional errors. Regardless if many of few meter functional errors are reported a sampling test of metering accuracy are made each six years of each meter “type”. The result of the control is used to set or prolong the use time of meter types. This means that the majority of meter is left on place until the control system shows that the requirement on accuracy and functionality are not safely fulfilled.

This cooperation between RISE and the utilities has run with good results for more than 15 years. More information is available in Swedish.

Calibration of electricity meters

An electricity meter or a watthour meter measures the electrical energy passing through the meter and may be single-phase or poly-phase. Read more...

Test and certification of electrical energy meters

RISE tests and certifies watt-hour meters according to national regulations and Swedish, European and international standards. The testing as well as the certification is accredited by SWEDAC, the official accreditation body in Sweden. Read more...

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