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In our EMC laboratory, we have the capacity to test everything from small devices to entire systems. RISE has developed package solutions for testing that enable products to be approved for use both on land and at sea.

RISE performs product tests for marine EMC requirements

We perform tests in accordance with different standards and certification protocols. These include maritime requirements such as DNV Certification Standard no. 2.4, which includes EMC testing, and IACS E10, a test specification for marine type approval, as well as the general CE-marking standard for maritime navigation and radiocommunication equipment, EN 60945. 

Testing for many applications 

Several test elements in - for example - the general EN 61000-6-2/ EN 61000-6-4 standards, which are commonly applied for testing equipment to be used in industrial environments, are also used for the maritime tests. We have developed test packages that make it easier for manufacturers to have their products approved for both land-based industrial applications and offshore use. Considerable time is saved through appropriate coordination of testing. If, in addition, the most stringent test requirements are applied for each sub-test, the product will be acceptable for sale on a greater number of markets. 

RISE also coordinates and performs EMC tests in conjunction with climate, environment and certain special tests, such as ‘Compass safe distance’ etc. We can also certify equipment as required by the Measuring Instrument Directive. We know which standards are required, and work with the customer to obtain an appropriate test plan. 

The EMC laboratory

RISE has seven test facilities for EMC testing, all with their speciality application areas. Read more...


The Electromagnetic Compatibility Section possesses extensive knowledge of research and testing in EMC, communications technology and high-frequency technology. Read more...

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